Lintel repairs: why are they so important?

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Lintel repairs are significant structural restorations that prevent the potential collapse of the external masonry of your home. This horizontal beam is used above windows, doors and walls to support a property’s weight. If you begin to notice cracks below or above these openings, your existing lintel may need repairing or replacing. Read on to find out more about the process and why it’s so important.

Why am I only experiencing these problems now?

Modern buildings in Sydney are constructed using lintels made from concrete or steel, but in older properties they are usually made from stone or timber. Many factors could be causing the lintel support to weaken, including extreme weather conditions, natural deterioration or woodworm, wet rot and dry rot. The older the building, the more susceptible it is to deterioration.

You’ll be able to tell if there are issues with your lintel if it appears to have dropped or sagged and the surrounding brick and masonry are cracked due to the pressure.

Is lintel restoration necessary?

Once lintel cracks are noticed, repairs should be carried out as soon as possible to reinforce the masonry – stainless steel bars are usually the best option. If the root of the problem is ignored and cracks are not repaired, further structural problems could arise, making the property extremely unsafe.

Repairing the problem as soon as possible also has other benefits – usually, the sooner you fix the issue the less it will cost and there will be less inconvenience to you and your family.

Is the process long and difficult?

Modern lintel repair methods are more efficient and straightforward and can be carried out with very little disruption. If the issue is dealt with in a timely manner, there’s often no need to rebuild or remove the existing lintel. Instead, the majority of lintel repairs in Sydney use pinning ties and joint reinforcement techniques. Resin injection systems will also help to restore the structural integrity of your home without damaging the facade.

For more information about lintel repairs, Sydney’s leading construction and building group, Murphy’s Remedial Builders, are happy to answer any questions and offer expert advice.

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