Signs you need a new roof

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Many people don’t know they need a new roof or some serious repairs until it’s too late, so it’s important to be on the lookout for some key signs.


Although a gushing leak is a pretty good indicator that your roof needs replacing, more subtle water damage can be harder to spot. Mildew and watermarks can easily be mistaken for damp or seepage from windows. However, it’s important that you check it isn’t your roof, as these could indicate it has a crack or the beginnings of a hole.

Loose tiles

If when looking at your roof you notice a few gaps, you might think it’s not much of an issue. However, this could be the first sign that your roof structure is due to collapse. Don’t neglect getting a professional in as soon as possible.

Mould and moss

Although this might seem harmless enough, these growths can cause tiles to become loose or displaced. This could create space for water to leak through, causing even more damage. Spotting this quickly means you can tackle it yourself, but if the situation has spread to multiple places and is quite advanced, it’s time to call the experts.


If your roof isn’t straight and seems to have dips in the middle, this is a serious sign the structure could collapse soon. This is often caused by poorly installed materials, but can also happen to roofs that are old or exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Underlay is rotten

Even if the tiles on the roof seem fine, if the underlay is damaged then water can easily leak through. Although small holes can be repaired, if the underlay is rotting and coming apart the whole roof will need replacing.


Depending on the material, roofs typically last between 20 and 30 years, but if your roof is much older than this it’s probably time to consider a replacement. You never know when your roof could give out, and this is always more disastrous than taking early action. Getting a new roof also often improves insulation and ventilation too. So you might not be experiencing any leakage, but the temperature of your home could really benefit.

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