The challenges of heritage restoration in Sydney

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Sydney wouldn’t know itself without its beautiful historical buildings. Looking after them is exciting and rewarding, but challenging, too. To undertake heritage restoration Sydney builders need an array of skills and extensive experience. These are just some of the factors we must consider:

Preventing damage

When looking after heritage restoration in Sydney, damage prevention is our priority. Many building materials used in the 19th century – such as sandstone and slate – are sensitive to modern construction strategies and products, which can cause irreparable harm. That’s why we use only specialised equipment and traditional techniques.

Deciding when replacement is necessary

Working out which parts of a building should be replaced and which merely need patching up requires a Sydney heritage restoration specialist. It’s a matter of knowing the difference between a major structural problem and a minor one that pertains only to the surface. Wherever possible, we avoid replacements. After all, our goal is to retain as much of the original building as possible.

Ensuring additions are appropriate

When making additions to historical sites, we make several important decisions, which require in-depth knowledge of architecture. As a rule of thumb, we minimise connections to the original building, by, for example, using existing structures, such as pockets. Furthermore, we choose low impact materials such as steel. At the same time, we ensure that access to the addition is fluid, logical and doesn’t interfere with the integrity of the heritage building.

Meeting rules and regulations

All heritage restorations in Sydney are governed by strict rules and regulations at local, state and national level. Over years and years in the industry, we have developed a deep understanding of all laws, which we bring to every project. Whenever a new rule or guideline is introduced, we make sure that we familiarise ourselves with it immediately.

Meeting a range of needs

Heritage buildings are used for a variety of purposes. While some are turned into museums or government centres, others become hotels or restaurants. When preparing a project, we must be mindful of these needs and decide how to best meet them, without compromising the building’s heritage – or future.

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