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Murphys Re Roofed the Iconic White Bay Power Station such a important infrastructure to Sydney last century .To satisfy the power requirements for the expansion of the Sydney tram and rail network, the New South Wales Government Railways began the first phase of work on The White Bay Power Station in 1912. …White Bay was the longest serving of Sydney’s metropolitan power stations and ceased production on Christmas Day in 1983.White Bay Power Station was built in three distinct phases of construction, starting from 1912 onwards, as a means of producing power to supply Sydney’s ever growing railway and tramway system.

From 1912 to 1917, the first stage of construction of White Bay Power Station took place, building half of the turbine hall, the switch house and no.1 boiler house.

The second phase, between 1923 and 1928, saw the creation of an extension, built using steel framing and reinforced concrete rather than brick as was used in the first phase of building.

The third phase of construction took place from 1950 to 1958 and saw a steel framed boiler house supersede the existing 1920s block no.1. The second boiler house was later demolished.

The power station was operational from 1917 until it was decommissioned in 1984, bringing with it the end of an era. White Bay Power Station was the longest serving power station in Sydney and is now the only surviving example of an intact, coal-fired power station from the twentieth century which serviced the expansion of Australia’s major cities.


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