Remedial Builders

Murphy Remedial Services have proven expertise in a wide range of construction projects from new, repair, remediation and protection of large infrastructure and heritage listed buildings.

Services Offered

  • Concrete spalling repair
  • Underpinning
  • Structural rectification
  • Lintel replacement
  • Window and door replacement
  • Waterproofing
  • Membrane coating
  • Roofing repairs
  • Joint sealant
  • Heritage works
  • Façade refurbishment
  • Complete Internal refurbishment

Leaders in remedial building


Remedial BuildingMurphy Remedial Services is a leader in remedial building and addressing concrete spalling and concrete cancer. … If your building has developed concrete spalling or concrete cancer, we’ll make it ‘as new’.

Any manmade structure deteriorates over time.

This maxim applies to traditional buildings, as well as bridges, wharves and many structures that are affected by any combination of the elements.

  • We can bring your 1800’s heritage listed building back to its former splendor.
  • If your building has developed concrete spalling or concrete cancer, we’ll make it ‘as new’.
  • We bring infrastructure and buildings back to pristine condition.
  • Our slate roof tradesmen have worked on buildings in the UK more than 300 years old.
  • We’re metal roofing specialists with experience in lead and copper work.


Our future success is in our past

Murphy’s solid reputation rests on an impressive body of past work. Our portfolio stretches back 28-years and includes major infrastructure remediation projects as well as architect and designer led projects to repair, remediate or protect Heritage Listed buildings.

Murphy’s past infrastructure projects include:

  • Hammer Head Crane – Garden Island
  • live electrical substations (Ausgrid)
  • sewerage pumping stations (Sydney Water), and
  • railway stations and ancillary buildings (Sydney Trains).

Major heritage projects include:

  • Victoria Barracks
  • The Magazine Precinct – Goat Island, and
  • The Bakehouse Quarter – former Arnott’s Biscuit factory.


New technology to the solve age-old problems

Murphy’s use the latest techniques to arrest the deterioration of your building.

Many older buildings were not made to stand the test of time – in terms of structural integrity and function.

However, we can modernise the integrity and practicality of your building without destroying its look and feel.

  • We have successfully and faithfully upgraded many heritage buildings so they are fully functional in today’s modern hi-tech world.
  • We safely remove old lead-based painted surfaces and replace them with hi-tech protective coatings that will outperform the original specifications.


A thorough assessment for your piece of mind

We make sure all decayed areas are inspected, assessed, treated, and reinstated to ‘as new’.

On inspection, we prepare a dilapidation report. This report is a thorough record of the condition of the building before the work starts.

This information is especially useful in remedial building and heritage works as it clarifies the extent of deterioration and what work is needed, from day one.

Concrete spalling – nature at work

Concrete spalling is a natural phenomen caused over time by moisture – some say it’s the earth’s way of returning a building site back to nature.

Continual water penetration can cause the top surface of concrete to chip, flake or delaminate. If left unchecked, concrete spalling will eventually cause a building to crumble and fall.


Murphy’s proven remedial methods treat spalling and prevent any further deterioration.

Once we’ve addressed the source of the problem, we repair the structural damage to restore your building’s integrity.

We then apply architectural finishes to cosmetically rejuvenate the façade of your building. We work with a range of finishes to ensure so you can be sure we’ll have something to suit the style of your building or home.

For an example of our concrete spalling remediation work read this case study.


Concrete cancer – early detection is vital

Concrete cancer is usually caused by neglect, but it can also tell of poor construction standards.

Murphy’s is experienced in detecting and treating concrete cancer – but just like in your body, early detection is important.

What causes concrete cancer?

Put simply, if the concrete reinforcing bar is not properly encased it will be susceptible to rust.

Rusting bars expand and cause the surrounding concrete to crack and fall away leaving the bar even more exposed….and so the destructive cycle continues.

Murphy’s effective 5-step concrete cancer protocol has saved many buildings from premature demolition.


Murphy’s unique 5-step concrete cancer protocol.

1. Remove of all “drummy” concrete sections.
2. Grind back all exposed reinforcing steel to remove all signs of rust.
3. Treat steel with anti-corrosives.
4. Reinstate render to restore the original integrity of the building.
5. Apply decorative finishes to create the most appealing streetscape.

For an example of our concrete cancer remediation work read this case study


Facade Remediation

Murphy’s Façade remediation is about prolonging the life of your asset. Unlocking value by upgrading the façade with a new coating system or carryout essential repairs brick stitching helifix, replace Lintels

Demolition of Concrete Roof 

Murphy’s had use an engineered scaffolding system to place under the existing concrete roof 50 metres above a highly contaminated  area below. This acted as fall protection/catch   area for demolished concrete to be dropped then removed and to allow workers to carry demolition in a safe manner.

Chimney Repairs

Murphys used a swinging stage to put a lid on the chimney replace the steel cables that hold a 77 metre chimney in place The Façade was repaired as required replacing steel rivits.

Why choose us?

You can trust: 

  • our portfolio of quality work, our reliability and high level of service
  • a 28-year history of quality work
  • our deep understanding of the forces behind deterioration and how to arrest them
  • our commitment to work in partnership with you and your and heritage consultants
  • our guarantee on all work, and
  • our commitment to environmental issues – it’s part of our philosophy

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