3 common waterproofing issues commercial buildings and strata units face

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If a water leakage from a roof is not fixed immediately, it can graduate into more significant problems that may render your building uninhabitable. It will not only damage your building’s structure, but it will also cost you more to repair it later. Proper waterproofing can save you headaches as a property owner by helping you maximise roof life and prevent damage. Here are three common waterproofing issues commercial buildings and strata units face.

1. Water damage from above

Any water that stands on the a has a potential of causing damage. Puddles can form on top of flat roofs when it rains. The water can then seep into the ceiling space and damage the structure. Waterproofing specialists in Sydney can recommend liquid-applied membrane for flat roof leakages. Additionally, the effects of faulty craftsmanship on the roof above can trickle down to the lower floors of the building. For instance, defective plumbing and deficient tiling can lead to structural defects, moulds, and cracks beneath.

2. Poor waterproofing

Faulty waterproofing installation can degrade a structure and cause severe damage for occupants and property owners alike. Buildings with external extensions like balconies or terraces can let water into a building if the waterproofing is not done correctly. It doesn’t matter the direction of the rain; patios and balconies are prone to get wet when the weather hits. Shut windows can also let water into buildings, especially if strong winds drive the rains. Ensure that you work with waterproofing contractors in Sydney that understand the correct waterproofing applications for specific roofing types.

3. Ignoring maintenance

Ignoring small leakages can result in rots that may force you to repair or replace building materials altogether, which will cost you significantly. The best waterproofing services Sydney has to offer include regular roof inspection and maintenance that ensure your roof is in the best condition. Therefore, you should call a waterproofing professional right away if you notice a water leakage.

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