3 types of hazardous remediation that should always be carried out by an expert

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It might be tempting to do a quick Google search and attempt to DIY your hazardous remediation projects. But this is a sure fire way to doing more harm than good, as it takes years of training and experience to deal with hazards safely and effectively. Below are some tasks you should under no circumstances attempt to remedy yourself:

Lead paint removal

When it comes to lead paint, you can’t just hope to cover it up with a fresh coat of colour and forget about it. To try and remove it, many people will start scraping at the paint, not realising that this releases harmful dust into the air that you breathe. It’s important to keep your home and commercial premises free from lead, as even if you leave the paint alone, over time chips and dust will begin to circulate without your knowledge.

Professionals can safely remove lead paint and dispose of it without leaving behind residues. If you’d prefer to cover up the lead, then experienced tradesmen have the skill to encapsulate the surface and contain it so that it won’t come into contact with anyone.

Removing bonded and friable asbestos

Asbestos is notorious for being dangerous to remove, no matter what form it’s in. It’s essential to use an expert service that’s licenced to remove asbestos safely. Although firable asbestos is more likely to crumble than bonded asbestos, which is sturdier, both can have severe consequences on your health. Professionals will wear protective clothing and cover the rest of your building in plastic protective sheets to prevent any kind of contamination during the removal process.

Remedying hazardous soil

Soil that’s been contaminated by asbestos or other harmful materials doesn’t appear dangerous to the eye, but this arguably makes it more so as so many people underestimate the dangers involved in working with it. Contaminated soil is just as dangerous as working with the contaminants themselves. If you want to build on land that is contaminated, you need to have this soil replaced professionally to avoid harm to your future infrastructure.

Our experts here at Murphy’s Remedial Builders are fully qualified and licensed to complete all of these hazardous jobs. Get in touch today for a safer environment.

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