5 reasons to resurface your concrete driveway

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Are you thinking of giving your old concrete driveway a new and fresh design? The good news is that you don’t have to remove it completely. Here are five reasons to resurface your concrete driveway in Sydney.

1. Cost-effectiveness

It is more economical to resurface than to replace your concrete driveway, as it would cost you approximately 12 times more to replace the concrete. Resurfacing is cheaper because it involves minimal preparation. For instance, a well-maintained concrete drive may only require pressure washing for basic resurfacing work. It saves you the cost of concrete disposal, architectural calculations, ground levelling, and expenditure in large quantities of material.

2. Aesthetic value

If you desire a modern look and feel for your home, concrete resurfacing can give you just that. You can compare the various colours, patterns, and styles. Overlays allow the application of a decorative layer that can turn regular resurfacing into an artistic expression. It can also complement your garden area and make it look fantastic.

3. Durability

Most quick repair solutions for driveways are not long-lasting. Concrete resurfacing in Sydney will not only stand out, but it can also guarantee longevity. The layer gives protection from harsh weather conditions, grime, and dirt. Concrete resurfacing makes it easier to clean and maintain the driveway by simply sweeping or mopping.

4. Environmental conservation

Did you know that the significant by-product of concrete manufacturing is carbon dioxide? Opting for concrete resurfacing is a great way to reduce carbon emissions.

5. Quick

Concrete resurfacing is a quick solution that can give excellent results. The material used dries relatively fast, has a uniform viscosity, and high flow characteristics. This allows it to settle on low spots to provide an even surface. In 2-3 days, your concrete driveway will be ready for use with minimal fuss, mess or noise. Professional installation will leave your driveway looking new for years.

Murphy’s Remedial Builders prides itself on providing cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions, without compromising on safety. Our unique blend of maintenance and remedial services sets us apart. Call us today if you want to give your building a new lease of life.

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