How heritage restoration can improve a Sydney building’s energy efficiency

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Buildings from the Victorian era often have better thermal performance than many people realise, however they still offer good scope for improvement. With the right heritage restoration, Sydney building owners can see lower heating and cooling costs as well as reducing their environmental impact.

Here are a few measures to consider when conducting remedial building works in Sydney.

1. Choose the right roof insulation

Roof insulation can come in many forms and some are better suited to certain types of buildings than others. Modern insulation is sometimes made of glass or other materials, but it can also be made from recycled paper or natural materials such as sheep’s wool or hemp products. The roof of an older building may benefit from being insulated with natural products as these can protect better against moisture and condensation.

2. Think about heat transfer through external doors

A door frame made of timber usually performs well thermally, but if a door itself has thin panels within it, it can negatively impact a building’s energy efficiency. Insulating a heritage door can be difficult as it needs to be done while retaining its character. However, by fitting thin insulation to only its interior panels and protecting a door’s edges against draughts, an improved level of thermal efficiency can be attained.

3. Look at flooring materials

Older buildings often have suspended timber floors in many rooms through which about 15% of heat can be lost. A team of remedial builders in Sydney may be able to lift old floorboards add a layer of insulating material underneath. If done carefully the old boards may be able to be re-laid and, if a non-permeable material is used, this can protect against timber decay.

Improving a classic building’s thermal performance is not limited to selecting the right options for insulation. There are other factors to consider such as window glazing and how heating and cooling systems are managed throughout the building overall, but these key points of thermal loss are a good place to start.

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