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At Murphy’s Remedial Builders, we are experts in asbestos removal Sydney-wide. As specialists in hazardous remediation, we have tackled countless properties filled with asbestos and other dangerous substances in order to restore the building to life.

We have all the relevant licences required to carry out this work, and would be happy to come to your building’s rescue. We’ve already carried out this work for a variety of high-profile clients: see more of our past projects here. Here are some of the main benefits of working with us for asbestos roof removal in Sydney.

Experienced with various forms of asbestos

You may not be aware that asbestos comes in two main forms – bonded and friable. Friable asbestos comes in a powdered form, or can easily be reduced into a powder when gentle pressure is applied. The main danger of this form is that it can become airborne if treated incorrectly.

When asbestos is bonded (or non-friable), it is typically mixed into a solid-setting compound such as cement. At Murphy’s, we are experts at removing both types of asbestos.

Able to carry out a range of jobs

It’s not just asbestos roof removal that we’re experts at: we can also tackle asbestos-contaminated soil and debris, or asbestos in walls, pipe lagging, ceiling insulation, and other parts of a structure. Whether the asbestos removal is a planned step in a larger project or the material is suddenly discovered on a work site, we have the tools and expertise needed to resolve it.

Safe procedure

We handle both forms of asbestos with the utmost care, precision and specialist equipment. For friable asbestos, we wrap the entire area in a plastic bubble structure, and apply negative air pressure to prevent any fibres from escaping.

When it comes to bonded asbestos, we wet the material with PVA glue to trap the fibres, then wrap it in plastic and dispose of it at a licensed tip. We monitor the air at all times and are only satisfied once an independent, licensed assessor has confirmed that the area is clear of asbestos.

If you need asbestos removal Sydney-wide, contact the certified remedial builders and hazardous remediation experts at Murphy’s Remedial Builders.

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