What does a heritage listing mean for you and your property

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When your new home is heritage listed it can be a daunting prospect to understand the legalities and responsibilities that its historical acknowledgement incurs. Luckily we have broken down the important information for you below…

What is Australia’s heritage?

According to the Department of Environment and Energy, “Heritage is all the things that make up Australia’s identity – our spirit and ingenuity, our historic buildings, and our unique, living landscapes. Our heritage is a legacy from our past, a living, integral part of life today, and the stories and places we pass on to future generations.”

How a heritage listing can affect a property

A property that has been heritage listed has met the criteria of being an important part of Australia’s history. Therefore, it needs to be protected and maintained to keep its historical integrity as much as possible. This may mean that certain works cannot be performed without permission.

General maintenance and minor works may not need permissions, but major works like removing walls or adding extensions do. Not only are there strict regulations as to what work can be carried out on a heritage listed property, but the materials used must meet the guidelines as well. Things like copper piping must be exchanged with more copper and not PVC piping. Old steel gutters must be replaced by new steel ones and not aluminium powder-coated guttering. Facades need to maintain their original look.

Your options

Owning a heritage listed property does not mean you can not improve or modernise, it means you have to stay within the guidelines to maintain the property’s historical look and integrity. The only way to ensure the work you wish to carry out does not infringe on Australian heritage laws and regulations is to engage the best heritage builders Sydney has to offer.

So, for the best heritage restoration Sydney has, call the team at Murphy’s Remedial Builders. Having already completed many jobs on heritage listed sites, such as Victoria Barracks, they are the team with all the knowledge and experience your property needs.

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