When is asbestos removal in Sydney safe?

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Asbestos. It’s a word that no property owner ever wants to hear. However, from the 1940s, right up until 1987, asbestos was an incredibly popular building material in Australia. After all, it’s an excellent insulator and fire resistant.

Today, though, we know that exposure to asbestos is dangerous to our health and can lead to a range of illnesses, from cancer of the lung, ovaries and testes to mesothelioma and asbestosis. That’s why safe strategies for asbestos removal in Sydney are so important.

Rules, regulations and licences

Asbestos removal in Sydney is so hazardous that it’s governed by a strict set of rules and regulations. All jobs must comply with both the WHS Regulation 2011 and the How to Safely Remove Asbestos Code of Practice. Furthermore, when engaging in professional asbestos removal, Sydney businesses must hold an official licence. Murphy’s, for example, holds a Friable Class A Asbestos Removal Licence.

The dangers of asbestos removal in Sydney

The problem with friable asbestos – which is the type of asbestos contained in many buildings in Sydney – is that it’s in powder form and can therefore be disrupted very easily. Disturbance might cause the asbestos to become airborne – and at risk of human consumption.

Another issue is that asbestos is often contained in many, many sections of a building, including not only insulation, but also pipes, tiles, roofing and even some paints. When removing asbestos, a professional must locate every single section, a skill that requires extensive training and experience.

Safe strategies for asbestos removal in Sydney

The key to safe asbestos material is isolation. The area containing the asbestos must be completely sealed and pressurised, to ensure that none escapes into the environment. Here at Murphy’s, we use a temporary bubble made of plastic, accompanied by negative air pressure units. All staff involved in the removal process must be 100% covered – from head to foot – in body suits, gloves and respirators attached to face covering. Once the job is finished, an independent, licensed assessor should check the area thoroughly and confirm that all asbestos has been removed.

To find out more about safe asbestos removal in Sydney, feel free to get in touch.

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