What type of building can be fit out in Sydney?

A fit-out is a construction term describing the service of making an interior building suitable for occupation, whether that be for a residential home or a place of business. For a commercial fit-out Sydney based, the process can be as simple as ensuring doors are installed to as extensive as liaising with an interior designer and ensuring an office is fully furnished. Read on for more information about building fit-outs.

Commercial fit-outs

A commercial office fit-out is perhaps the most popular business related fit-out, but other buildings such as heritage buildings, accommodation blocks and government offices are equally valid candidates.

Each work fit-out will have unique or specific needs, for example, a government building may need individual offices furnished whereas a start-up business may need office equipment suited to an open plan environment, for more collaborative working. It is important that your fit-out team or interior designer understands your specific needs to deliver the results you want.

Heritage fit-out

A heritage building fit-out has unique requirements, as the new items installed in the building will often be required to match the existing décor of the interior. A fit-out team may need to communicate with a historian and various personnel to ensure all the restored or new additions to the building are compliant and satisfactory to the architect and building owner.

Murphy’s Group Services has completed such a heritage fit-out, see our success story here.

What a fit-out can include

• Light fixtures
• Door and windows
• Furnishings
• Electronic devices

Things to consider before a heritage/commercial fit-out

Try to have a vision in mind for what you want your interior space to look like, but consider the logistics such as how many people it will need to accommodate, what time of year it will be used and how much equipment it needs to store. It may be beneficial to interview staff to understand their opinion on their previous workspace and what improvements they would like to see.

Keep in mind your budget. For example, it may not be a good idea to install a wall-to-floor flat screen TV if you electricity budget is limited. If in doubt, communicate with your fit-out team who will be able to guide you through the experience.

Murphy’s Remedial Builders

At Murphy’s Remedial Builders, we offer commercial fit-outs Sydney businesses can rely on. As experts in our field, we provide the best possible service to always meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.

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