White Bay Power Station Chimney Stacks

White Bay Power Station Chimney Stacks are 77 metres high and pieces of the chimney started to dislodge and fall from Chimney Murphys was asked to make safe by setting up a 300 ton Crane and use a man box to remove loose pieces of the Chimney .A survey was done by the Engineer and Heritage Architect to assess further works.

Each vertical member of the ladder cage is fixed by a single bolt (through adjacent lengths and the ring member). The ring members are fixed to the ladder stringers by two bolts. The stringers are spliced together by a group of four bolts and fixed to the chimney using angle brackets bolted to the stringers and riveted through the chimney.

Murphys Removal of loose vertical cage members is simple (undo/ grind off bolts).

Ring members were  heavily corroded at connections Murphys removed the top cage and ladder from the Eastern Chimney



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